Friday, October 14, 2005

Blogs, like Art, imitate life: Harriet Miers's Blog!!!

Full disclosure: Like Will Rogers, I know nothing about Harriet Miers aside from what I read in the papers (or the blogosphere). But I do not support Miers's nomination, for reasons I've discussed before.

We can indeed observe flashes of brillance out there, ensnared in those drift (inter)nets, from time to time.

One of those flashes is the person(s) responsible for Harriet Miers's Blog!!!. If you've been looking at political blogs lately, chances are you've run across this; if not, get hip.

Its tone is pitch-perfect; it's brilliant in its vacuity. The author posts responses to "her" detractors as well as "her" supporters, and even links to legitimate blogs about Miers and declares THEM to be fraudulent. But what's even more astounding is that it appeared just after Miers was nominated, BEFORE much of Miers's prose--in particular, her correspondence with then-governor George Bush--was made public. So now, it's a bit creepy in its prescience.

While I'm pretty certain the real Ms. Miers is not as daft as the blog would have us to believe, it is her misfortune that the speech most of us know her by is, well, inane and a bit schoolgirl-ish. Nor does it help that among the very first things the public knows her to have said is that George Bush is the most brilliant man she knows (one commentator I read, whose name escapes me, said that that statement alone should be grounds for disqualification). Image and language are interchangable, indeed indistinguishable these days. And knowing that, and knowing by the same token that people know about us only what we say about ourselves, makes getting to know someone a rather dicey proposition.

On a related note:

Once you know that Hugh Hewitt is just about the only prominent conservative columnist and blogger who supports Miers's nomination and, indeed, is a to-the-death defender of All Things Bush Administration, this is quite funny. (Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan


Mrs. Meridian and I will be away for the weekend. We'll see you "around."


Bill Lowe said...

The President is displaying his usual arrogance and contempt for what other smarter, brighter, more reflective , and knowledgeable people think. I think his personality consists of his feeling of God given right, by the silver spoon he inherited and never earned, coupled with a low intelligences and lack of critical thinking skills. His appointment of Harriet Mires is an insult to all American Citizens and the Supreme Court. Her primary qualifications are thinking Bush is God. Anyone that thinks he is brilliant says a lot about his or her intellect & ability. If she is confirmed than it shows, we have elected a bunch of idiots to the Senate, which I think is highly likely. But in spite of the lack of any qualifications for the Supreme court she is probably a decent person and has many more qualifications for that job then George Bush has for President! From just viewing his policies without any knowledge of the one responsible I think most would decide we had a Left Wing Liberal Democrat in office! His out of control spending & deficits, pork barrel lading projects, cronyism and the sheer stupidity & incompetence of lack of any foresight in managing Iraq after the conquest was total complete incompetence by him and his advisors. His discovery after 5 years in office and 4 years after 9/11 that we have a serious Illegal Alien invasion with Millions of poorly educate people pouring across our open borders is beyond belief. His brilliant solutions to the problem is just make then legal than we won’t have and Illegal Alien problem,. Shows he has no concept of what problems will be caused by having millions more poorly educated prolific breeders with a 50% high school drop out rate, will have on this country. The billions in cost for their benefit’s, the crime & the lowing of our standard of living! It also shows a disrespect for Laws & the Rule of Law, as he proved again with the Meirs nomination to the Supreme Court! While I feel sorry for Meirs that was threw into a situation and position she is clearly not qualified by a stupid President with a King Geroge Complex, that feeling does not extend to the President! I am one of his many ex-supporters that feel betrayed by this President and think if Republicans do not disown him and his policies it will set Republicans back years! They will have a hard time being taken seriously again as having the ability for an honest effective government for the American people! !

Anonymous said...

Republicans & Bush supporters are increasing questioning what kind of man they elected as President! His popularity & administration is sinking into the swamp of cronyism, incompetence, and an increasing stink of corruption!

His insistence on appointing unqualified political cronies to high positions is a cause for alarm to most Americans of both parties. From Brownie to his recent nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court and the withdraw of Timothy Flanigan nomination after facing weeks of questions over his ties to the lobbyist Jack Abramoff & Karl Rove. His main political brain and probable brain, Karl Rove likely indictment over the leaks of CIA operator’s names, increasing speaks of not only cronyism, but of corruption in high places!

Far from the smaller, honest, effective government that most thought they were voting for his administration has used tax dollars like know other government in history to reward supporters and buy votes. His policy of using Federal money for pork barrel laden bills & tax cuts without any attempt to control the growth of big government & spending, and with a large & ever growing out-of-control deficits has many realizing the man they thought they elected is not the man they got!

His rewarding of the Medal of Freedom to George Tenet for one of the greatest intelligence failures in American history leaves a bad taste in the mouth of most Americans. This has also left many wondering if it was a reward for supporting his determination to go to war in Iraq with or without WMD or ties to terrorist!

The failure in Iraq of any planning of how to control or administrate the country after the war, in spite of warning from both within and outside of his administration, strikes many as gross incompetence on the part of him and his advisors!

To add insult to injure, the asinine remarks of Romsfeld that you go to war with what you got, coupled with the lackadaisical approach to getting Armor for our troops, which has accounted for most of the casualties in Iraq, seems to many a total lack of concern for the ones paying the price and fighting an increasing unpopular war!

The war in Iraq has the opposite of the desired affect, instead of protecting us from terrorist it has reenergizes terrorist world wide and made it a recruiting ground for terrorist and terrorist training. We are now bogged down in an unpopular costly war without a viable exit plan.

The dismal failure to respond to Hurricane Katrina after billions of dollars & years of planning increasing demonstrates incompetence and wasting of billions in tax dollars by his administration!

Vice Presidents Chancy transformation from wise experienced advisor to the prototypical corrupt CEO that ripped employees & share holders off for billions is now complete! Due to the rewarding of no bid contacts in Iraq to his ex-company and other big company contributors to Bush’s reelection & the resulting inexplicable loss of billions of dollars. In a brazen display of unequaled arrogance they did the same thing again in rewarding no bid contacts for rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina to the same companies!

Bush’s planned policy on giving millions of Illegal Aliens green cards as a reward for breaking our laws, is a blatant display of ignoring the wishes of 85% of the American public. His determination & desire to reward contributors with cheap labor at the expense of American jobs and billions in tax dollars to subsidize their many benefits, proves that the welfare of the country and American citizens is subordinate to his desire in rewarding the Rich and Powerful for their support!

His failure to control our open borders and continue to allow Mexico & Latin American to export their poverty to the USA by the millions 4 years after 9/11 seems too many, to bring in question, his concern with terrorist and fighting terrorism! Indeed, many question if another terrorist attack is not desired by this administration to allow him to parade with a bull horn & make asinine remarks like bring them on! To again demonstrate to the country and world that he is the bravest Chicken Hawk in the USA & stem the free fall of his sinking popularly & policies!

What many took for a brave resolute leader now appears to be something far different! A complete arrogances & inability to recognize or admit mistakes, the comprehension of an chicken, and if intelligence was measured by height, many now realize ,he would undoubtedly be a dwarf!

Bill Lowe…… a totally disgusted Ex-Bush supporter!

Anonymous said...

State of U.S. Courts. . .

Consider this:

Open Letter

October 23, 2005

United States Judicial Conference
Administrative Office
of the United States Courts
Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building
One Columbus Circle, N.E.
Washington D.C. 20544

Mr. Albert N. Moskowitz
United States Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530

Mrs. Mary Beth Buchanan
U.S. Attorney Western Pennsylvania
United States Department of Justice
U.S. Post Office and Court House
700 Grant Street, Suite 4000
Pittsburgh, Pa 15219

United States Judicial Conference
Chief Justice United States Supreme Court
c/o Mr. William K. Sutter, Clerk
Office of the Clerk
c/o Mrs. Pamala Talkin
Marshall of the Court
No. 1 First Street, N.E.
Washington, DC 20543

Third Circuit Judicial Council
United States Court of Appeals
c/o Toby D. Slawsky, Esq.
Circuit Executive
22409 U.S. Courthouse
601 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19106-1790

Chief Justice
United States Court of Appeals
for the Third Circuit
c/o Toby D. Slawsky, Esq.
Circuit Executive
22409 U.S. Courthouse
601 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19106-1790

RE: Formal Complaint (filed under the Judicial Improvements Act of 2002
28 U.C.S. Sections 351-364); Formal Complaint (filed under 28 U.S.C.
Section 372(c)); and Request for Investigation (pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 604)

Dear All:

Please be advise of the following criminal activity.

On or about October 11, 2005, Marcia M. Waldron, Clerk for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals forwarded a copy of an Order (No. 05-3702) that, among other, requested a copy of the district court docket entries. On October 21, 2005, I purchased a copy of the docket entries (No. 03-1400) and forwarded such to the Third Circuit. However, I noticed the August 16, 2005, entry entered by JSP that advised the clerk’s office couldn’t locate documents #16, #64 and #86. That is, the clerk office wasn’t able to transmitted the complete record (No. 03-1400) to the Third Circuit.

In short, previously I submitted unequivocal evidence of perjury (violation of Section 1746 Title 28, United States Code) to the Department of Justice, federal court and others. Since my request for a formal investigation, the evidence (documents #64 and #86) was somehow removed from the official court file.

At issue is an affidavit submitted to the court by Cassandra Colchagoff (an attorney). With the November 10, 2004 affidavit Mrs. Colchagoff attempted to change her testimony (December 2003 affidavit). That is, the district court specifically cited her December 2003 testimony as its reason for dismissing the constitutional claims in the matter No. 03-1400.
Mrs. Colchagoff had testified (made a material false declaration) that there was “no link to Kaplan Higher Education Corporation (Kaplan College) and no link to federal funding.”
The district court ruled that “without a link to federal funding” I couldn’t pursue my constitutional claims against Kaplan.

The only difference between the two Colchagoff affidavits is the November 10, 2004, testimony no longer suggested, “no link to Kaplan Higher Education Corporation (Kaplan College) and no link to federal funding.” Likewise, her attorneys, Sara Shubert, Laurence Shtasel, and Blank Rome appears to have changed their representation to the court. Her attorneys now acknowledged my October 15, 2000, Kaplan College enrollment letter and admitted in footnote 2 “certain colleges operated by Kaplan Higher Education Corporation, such as Kaplan College, received federal funding.”

Because this information (Document # 64 and #86) is “fatal” to the court’s decision at No. 03-1400, it has been unlawfully removed and withheld from the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. The unexplained disappearance of document #64 and #86 is further proof of criminal activity (obstruction of justice and intentional violation of my civil rights).

Please note, the November 10, 2004, Cassandra Colchagoff affidavit (Document #64 and #86) now missing from the court record, at paragraph 23, specifically admitted malfeasance.

In conclusion, the missing affidavit (Document #64 and #86) not submitted to the Third Circuit is decisive for all factual issues related to this matter and directly contradicts Judge David S. Cercone’s Memorandum opinions (May 14, 2004 and June 29, 2005).

I demand an immediate investigation.

(Name Removed)

John B. said...

Um . . . I'm not quite sure what I said in my post to prompt all this from Mr. Lowe and Anonymous. Am I not being serious enough about the nomination and its implications? Or do you see my post--which links, after all to a fake blog that makes Ms. Miers look utterly ridiculous--as somehow a back-handed vote in the affirmative for her?