Friday, November 10, 2006

A selection of posts on film and television

Soon to be linked to over in the gutter.

Some comments on Big Fish

The Ox-Box Incident; things seen while book-browsing

Daylight Savings Time; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; King Crimson

Discussion of High Sierra

On seeing Vertigo for the umpteenth time; or, “That damned nun!”

The Great Dictator

Coffee and Cigarettes

The Postman Always Rings Twice

”Everybody comes to Rick’s” . . . but why?

The Train

”The Circle Is Now Complete”: Revenge of the Sith and some random remarks on the whole darned series

”What the HELL are you watching?” [Blue Velvet]

The Petrified Forest: On “distinctiveness” in art

Story arcs and television: At odds with ends

No post, really—just wanted to post to this [The Third Man]

Art noir?: The Dark Corner

A(n over?)reading of about 2 seconds total of Vertigo

In which the Meridian, having seen Le Samouraï, contemplates a couple of additions to his wardrobe

Junebug: A (Southern) poetics of space

On today’s card: Tyler Durden vs. The Misfit

”No dumb jokes”: Frasier: The Complete First Season

”That’s what we’re all thinking”: Rear Window as erotic-thriller metanarrative

Angus MacGyver explains it all for you

"There's no bringing her back": Judy Barton as pareidolia

A note on Psycho

Harry Callahan visits Madison County

"Business is business": M and (the disruption of) social economy

Returning to the biggish screen: The moving picture in the age of digital reproduction

"I should have liked to have lived there then": In which the Meridian posts his obligatory once-a-year post on Vertigo

"I could tell you some stories": Barton Fink, narrative, and listening

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