Thursday, April 26, 2012

At the mid-point of the Meridian Century . . .

. . . it's okay if it passed without your knowing. No fireworks, no mass rallies, not even a mention on the cable news chyrons. It was pretty quiet even for the person whose century's midpoint was passed. He marked it by doing some teaching, eating a delicious ribeye grilled by the Mrs., going to choir rehearsal, and (second night in a row) dozing off towards the end of The Colbert Report (which was a shame this time around because he really wanted to hear this guy.

It was a good day (except for the dozing off part).

Yesterday morning while walking Scruffy, I gave some thought to posting some "midpoint of my life's journey" stuff and that, unlike Dante, I didn't find myself in a dark wood. But then, on the way home from choir practice, I heard this, and I said, This. No resistance to what's coming, but no despair either.


Troy said...

Welcome to the "50's club my friend! It's true, Rip, even the ribbon of my Underwood has long since dried. We were confident then; no backspace key for us! Ever forward, ever stalwart...oh, [pause] they all got it in the end in Breaker Morant!

Happy Birthday, my friend!

R. Sherman said...

Happy Birthday and ditto Troy's welcome to the period of your life where doctor's care way too much about what's transpiring in your backside.

It's tempting to want to impart the wisdom of half a century's experiences on those younger than us, but then, I realize, "Why bother? I didn't listen to 50 year old people when I was 20, so why should I think they'll listen to me?"

So instead, I contemplate what Tom Lehrer called, the "slide down the razor blade of life."


John B. said...

Thank you both for dropping by. Remind me, though, not to look up either of you if I ever get to be "feeling my age," whatever that means :)

Troy, what is that passage from? I tried Googling it, but no luck. Or is it a product of your fertile imagination?

Troy said...

My own, John, and bless you for any sort of "fertile" implications associated with me and this "machine."

I did find that a recent viewing of Breaker Morant, having watched it as a much younger man, has some unique contemporary commentary.

Hope your day went well. I'm sending you textbooks for your gift! ;)

John B. said...

Well, Troy, a tip of the hat to you. I was afraid you were sending me Hemningway's suicide note or something (though the Breaker Morant reference would make that unlikely, now that I think about it).

Nick said...

Happy B.D.

John B. said...

Thank you, Nick.