Sunday, November 12, 2006

Time again for the KGB Carnival

Over at The Force That Through . . ., Paul has posted his call for submissions for the next Kansas Guild of Bloggers' Carnival of Blogs. "Arise!" he cries. Well, all right. Pay those corpses no mind, choose your best post, and storm the battlements with it.

As usual, the criteria for submitting posts are rigorous; not just anyone can send in something. You must a) have been born in Kansas; or b) live in Kansas; or c) have once lived in Kansas (members of your family would count here as well); or d) have written about/thought about/passed though/flown over Kansas. You are few in number, as you can tell. But you know who you are.

Paul has provided a submission link for the Carnival over at his post; so have I. And if you don't like either of them, then you're welcome to use the submission button immediately above the KGB Blogroll list over in the right gutter of this humble blog.

Consider submitting something . . . and be sure to make it back to Paul's place on Monday or Tuesday.

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