Thursday, November 02, 2006

'Tis the (election) season, after all

Add to Technorati Favorites That, and I haven't engaged in much shameless self-promotion of late. And, finally, I saw this post over at Ariel's blog, and just now I find myself especially susceptible to the idea of trying to drive a bit of traffic my way.

It's pretty simple, really: if you find yourself returning to good old Blog Meridian for reasons other than to guffaw at its general shallowness and ineptitude, chances are it's not merely a regular read of yours--it's a Favorite. So if you have a blog, why not a) become a member of Technorati, THE preeminent monitor of the blogosphere; then b) click on the above button--or the one below

Add to Technorati Favorites

if you prefer--to let the world know this blog is a favorite of yours. Let me know you have done so in the comments for this post and I'll be happy to reciprocate. Something good will come of all this. I'm not sure what. Stroking of egos, if nothing else.

Here endeth the shameless self-promotion.


R. Sherman said...


Crikey, seeing one's rank is most definitely not good for the ego.


John B. said...

Thank you kindly. And just so you know, I've already identified your blog as a favorite of mine.

Paul Decelles said...

Of course you blog is a favorite...


John B. said...

Many thanks. I had already marked yours as a favorite before wiring this post.