Saturday, November 24, 2007

More from student papers

Augustine in his study, originally found here.

It's a football-watching, paper-grading Saturday; so, in the spirit of this recent post, I'll be posting some of the more, um, interesting sentences I run across today and tomorrow.

I believe everything to be subjective, except what is not.

This next one is not from a student paper, alas (it comes from here), but one can wish, can't one?:

Growing up in the 1970s, after the bloody craziness of the desegregation era, one tended to grade Mississippi governors on a curve. If they weren't driving around town with somebody's skeletal remains tied to a rope hanging from the bumper of the car, they qualified as progressives.


dd said...

I believe that line to be an example of plagarism unless it was credited to President Bush.

John B. said...

It wasn't attributed to him, but you're right: it does have the feel of a Bushism.

My students is learning.

Winston said...

So, did you see the UT-UK 4OT fiasco? My Vols continue to defy reason and overcome mediocrity to deliver wins. 'Fraid that's over now. LSU will kick our collective butts all over the field in Atlanta at SEC champ game.

John B. said...

I did see it, Winston. But given the nature of the SEC this season, I wouldn't pooh-pooh the Vols' chances. Besides, LSU has, for most of the season, been doing things with smoke and mirrors--especially, lately, on defense.

R. Sherman said...

It's nice to see your students are discovering new truths from old verites, John.

Winston, I hope UT bucks the trend and beats LSU, just to preserve my Mizzou Tigers in the BCS Championship.