Monday, June 30, 2008

Winston Rand was a pretty good guy

Yes he was.

Winston was a long-time friend of this blog, often visiting here and commenting, and often linking to posts of mine at his place. I suppose that I could do a search to see when I first mentioned his blog here, but it might be a greater measure of my friendship with him to say that I just don't remember when or how it was we "met," in the blogospheric sense. I could tell you that he was far more gracious and generous toward me and this blog than either I or it deserved; that would be true, but he was gracious and generous toward many, many others, too. I could tell you that last year he sent me a small gift and felt comfortable enough with me to tell me his actual name, but I'm certain I'm not alone there, either.

Therein lies the best way to honor Winston's memory, it seems to me: to note that he was not sparing with his graciousness and generosity. Full of life and at base an optimist, he felt no need to hoard either his life or his optimism. He did not suffer fools (as identified by him) gladly, but many of us could learn from that particular example, it seems to me. Good for him--and good for those who knew him.

I am stunned by the news of his death, but I am not sad. All of us have our share of What Ifs; I feel certain Winston had some of those as well, but my sense is that he had come to terms with them. I find myself believing that he was at peace with them, and so he is at peace now.

Winston rarely failed to comment on my absences from "here" and say that I was missed. It's my turn now to say that feelings are mutual. He'll be missed.

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Pam said...

How terribly sad - I didn't know him, but always saw his comments posted here. I'm sorry, I am sure that you will miss him.

He did indeed seem like a pretty good guy.