Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A snowy Tuesday, The Sundays' "Summertime"

The Sundays, looking a bit grumpy that the weather has turned colder. Image, and more info on the band, found here.

So. Today, our first snow of the season, my feet cold (as they always get this time of year), my dog Scruffy offers up yet more proof that he indeed loves snow by looking out the window, wagging his tail, and whining. He won't stop. Finally, I give in, put on my coat, put him on his leash, and we walk around in it for a while and then come back in. Scruffy then trots off to the bedroom and curls up on the bed. He is happy.

But my feet are still cold. Maybe yours are as well, whether literally or figuratively. It's in that spirit, then, that I offer up The Sundays' "Summertime" (right-click the link, then click on "Save as . . . " to download and listen) from their third and last album Static & Silence (1997). It's hard to think of a more summery-sounding song, especially coming from an English band.

Enjoy, and stay warm.


Pam said...

I think that my dogs would enjoy a good snow.

John B. said...

I take y'all didn't get any snow over there the other day?

Scruffy lacks all dignity and reserve anyway, but he really comes unglued when the white stuff starts falling.