Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here you go, y'all. For luck, you know. (Image found here)

The Mrs. and I will be making a quick dash to Austin tomorrow to spend a couple of days with my mother. Trappey's will indeed be on the menu for supper tomorrow night. So, I will extend early wishes to my reader(s) for the very best in the coming year.


R. Sherman said...

And here my kids thought I was the only parent who made his offspring eat black-eyed peas on New Years. That, and the EMBLOS' traditional herring salad pretty much puts us at the top of the "Bad Parent" list.

Safe trip to you, and


Cordelia said...

Hey, I remember these from Texas, too. It does get me thinking: are there any other traditionally propitious foods eaten on New Year's Day ? I love having a later afternoon New Year's day dinner with fruitcake for dessert, but I don't think any of our foods are for luck. Happy New Year !

John B. said...

The last shall be first . . .

Cordelia! What a pleasure to hear from you!!--and to learn that you have fond memories of black-eyed peas. As for other cultures and other good-luck traditions . . . isn't it the Italians who eat a grape at midnight for each tolling of the bell? And in Mexico, menudo is a traditional food eaten on New Year's Day (though menudo is also a time-honored cure for hangovers, too, so there might be a bit of conflating of the traditional and the practical there). Surely there are other such traditions, though.

And that brings me to Randall: is herring salad such a tradtion for Germans? Anyway, please assure your children that families all across the Southern/Texas diaspora ate black-eyed peas and corn bread last Friday. In fact, the Mrs. told me that if her dad (whose forebears are originally from the South) had his druthers, her family would be eating them as well.

Oh: and tell them not to be h8ters.