Monday, January 10, 2011

50 Epiphanies

I want to risk the crotchetiness of my computer to point you in the direction of a new blog, 50 Epiphanies. Its keeper is my colleague (the chair of my department, in fact) Troy. Apparently, turning 50 has this effect on people of re-focusing one's attention--something I would know nothing about, being only 48 myself. In Troy's case, though, it prompts him to start a blog. Cheaper than buying a red Miata.

I'd tell you that Troy's a good guy even if he weren't my department chair. Three entries in, he also appears to have a knack for bloggy introspection. If you're so inclined, I hope you'll pay him a visit.


R. Sherman said...

Yeah, 50 will do it. If I may say so, the most disturbing thing is that medical types start having a strange interest in one's kiester.


dejavaboom said...

Funny you should mention a Red Miata, for that's the very vehicle my father in law bought when driving through one of his mid-life crises.