Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Meridian's corollary to Warhol's dictum: Be sure you know when it's those 15 minutes.

These are mine. I'm fairly sure. I'm about at the midpoint of my life's journey, and this, so far, looks like about the likeliest 15 minutes I'll get. This certainly trumps getting to speak at MLA, at least if "fame" is measured, at least in part, by one's potential audience.

Your blog-spondent is kinda famous.

The other day, Dan Froomkin supplied a link to this photo of Karl Rove and asked his readers to submit captions for it. I said, what the hey, and did so. The results are way at the bottom, past all that boring talk about the 9/11 Commission and the rest; your blog-spondent's submission appears at the top of the list of winners.

Fame, like Fortune, is fickle and fleeting, especially in the blogosphere. But for now, just for this moment, the Meridian basks in it.

Alas, basking ain't getting the laundry done, though.

In other Cheney-an humor, I supply you with this piece from the most recent New Yorker. It's more than a little amusing.

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