Thursday, September 16, 2004

The power of text

Recently, I've noted a welcome turn in the political blogs I read: no matter their politics, they simply want the current administration to acknowledge the reality of Iraq: to NOT simply keep telling us things are so much better since we've deposed Saddam Hussein but to speak to the present and the future: to speak forcefully about how, though left with no really good options, our nation is going to do its best not to shred our credibility in Iraq (and the world) further.
Along those lines: Take a look at this ad, courtesy of Matt Yglesias' site. The candidates' words juxtaposed with numbers. How simple. And how powerful.

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Brendon said...

Good little post and good link. Straight talk, no matter what camp kerry or castle shrub say, is dead. To "tell it like it is" would be political suicide.