Thursday, September 30, 2004

This must not stand!

As a brief but, I hope, effective public service, I want to pass along this link from the blog Obsidian Wings about the goal of some in the House Of Representatives to stick a provision into their bill revamping the intelligence agencies that would make legal our sending suspected terrorists to countries that are known to practice torture.
Our national principles should always and forever trump politics--especially the politics of power and fear. It is unconscionable, it is reprehensible to countenance law that flies in the face of the principles that we say we are founded on and hold others in the world accountable for. I hope you'll agree and will link to the Obsidian Wings post in your own blogs and, even better, write your representatives in Congress. Do not let those who want this legislation to pass think that we'll be so busy watching the debates that they can sneak this under the door.

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