Friday, April 22, 2005

The American Dream deferred

Fearless regular reader Fearful Syzygy asks for an update on the house hunt. I do believe that this is the first request for further information on a post that Blog Meridian has received. I'm only too happy to oblige.
As the title to the post suggests, house-hunting is on hold for the moment. Mrs. Meridian is contemplating applying to law schools and, depending on what happens with that, we may be moving away from here next year. So, to us it doesn't make sense to commit to a house only to possibly having to leave it a year later. So now, lots of casual talk here in Meridian-land revolves around the ol' pros and cons of law school. Pros: (for her) becoming a student again (really!) and (for me) being connected, however tenuously, with a university community; a career path she can be genuinely passionate about as she pursues it; the possibility that our move might take us South, which would put me much closer to my children. Cons: (for both of us) her essentially disappearing into libraries and law offices for 3 years and (for me) hunting up a job (or cobbling together part-time work) that pays as well as my current one does (equally painful to think about is that I am not likely to find better colleagues or a more supportive administration than the ones I have here); 3 more years of student loans to pay off.
The first step is for her to take the LSAT; that comes in June. How well she does in that will determine much else.


fearful_syzygy said...

Would I be correct in assuming that you are the 'Older Man' in this relationship? If that's not a personal/insensitive question to be asking on your birthday?

Best of luck, in any case.

jennifer said...

What type of law? Some law schools will pay for your loans if you agree to do pro bono work for a certain amount of time afterward.
You probably already know this though. :)

Good luck to both of you.

John B. said...

Finally, a chance to answer my readers' queries.
Mr. Syzygy: Somewhere back in the dim recesses of my memory I ceased being sensitive about my age, so no offense taken. Yes, I'm the older of the two.
Jen: You'll be pleased to know that Mrs. M. is very interested in constitutional law; she has great admiration for the ACLU, in fact. Thanks for the tip on law schools helping pay for loans; I know I hadn't known that, and I'm not sure she does, either.