Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Return of Blogger Comments!

Episode III:
Fearful Syzygy was right: in earlier comments in another post today, he noted that he just couldn't see any advantages in having HaloScan over good ol' Blogger Comments. I have to admit that HaloScan's TrackBack, which Blogger presently doesn't have, was its most seductive feature. Who cared that, so long as I had HaloScan, no one could see the older comments posted on Blogger? They still appeared when one clicked the time post . . . or, they USED to. F_S pointed out today that they weren't appearing for him, and when I tried it, they weren't appearing for me, either. Moreover, unless there's a box to check somewhere that I missed, HaloScan doesn't notify you when someone posts a comment. But Blogger Comments does. And--as far as I know, Blogger Comments has no limit on the number of comments; the free version of HaloScan allows only 200 before they start "archiving" (read: holding them for ransom). So, a little cut here and a little paste there, and I have sent away that cheap little tart HaloScan.
Yes. I strayed; I was unfaithful for a bit, and I'm heartily sorry for having aggrieved anyone. But I'm back in the fold now.


John B. said...

I just want to see if you are working, now that I've publicly sung your praises.

René López Villamar said...

I use Haloscan for trackback but still use blogger comments. It's a little tricky but I've never had a problem with that arangement.

BTW, I've been lurking on the HoL forums but been unable to post because I'm going crazy because of my finals.



sutrix said...

Ha, it works.

You can add a manual trackback device, though. Problem is, from what I've heard, trackback's more of a curse than blessing. It's spam heaven, or so I've heard.

fearful_syzygy said...

What the hell is trackback anyway?

sutrix said...

f_s, trackback is a facility where other people can post links in your blog related to your current post. Say I write a post on Nanotechnology, and you read it, and you've written a post on Nanotechnology, and you want my post to have a trackback link to yours--cause, you know, we're talking about the same topic. You trackback your link on my post.

So basically trackback is a way of advertising your work for free.

That's not the whole of it, there are a few benefits to trackback, but spammers ruined it. It's mostly dead now.