Thursday, June 23, 2005

In which the Meridian offers a few words about his nefarious plans for the billions he hopes to earn via all those ads . . .

Perhaps some of you have noticed the recent appearance of ads for Amazon products, an Amazon PayPage box, and even (gasp!) an AdSense box. Perhaps you have viewed their appearance with cynicism or alarm. I'm afraid I can only partly assuage your concerns: Whatever money the Amazon products and the AdSense ads generate for me, goes to me (and Mrs. Meridian, of course). As I told her the other day, it won't hurt to receive some small financial gain along with the much larger pleasure I receive from posting and reading your comments, as long as I'm going to keep this thing up.
The PayPage box, though, has a different purpose. If you click on it, you'll see that whatever money people decide to donate there will go to a different charitable organization each month. Those groups will be chosen from the list you see in the "Worth Your Time" section of the Links column. It makes the most sense to go alphabetically, so July's recipient will be AmeriCares, August's will be Amnesty International, etc. Each month, I'll post a note about that month's recipient and leave you free to decide whether you'd like to contribute something. By the end of each month, I hope to write big fat checks to some very worthy organizations.
There, now. All better.


Raminagrobis said...

It's not that I've got anything against all the add-ons and bells and whistles you've added to this site, it's just that I can't help noticing your glaring omission of the kitchen sink.


Actually, the thing that gets me most is that sinister 'Geoloc' thing you've got over there. Stop spying on me! You'll be implanting tracking chips in our brains next!

John B. said...

As soon as I find a decent gif for the kitchen sink, I'll be adding it, too.
Actually, you're right: I've got to do some pruning of the links list, at least. I don't have time to visit all those sites with any regularity, so it just looks presumptuous, to me.
As for Geo-Loc: ain't it cool? If I had the paid service, it wouldn't just light up the capitals of the countries: it'd show the actual locations of the visitors. But I'm cheap. Besides, it's French--and being a Yank, we're supposed to hate the French, or at least not support their economy, or something. I forget.

sutrix said...

This has to be the post with the longest title I've seen yet.

Best of luck with AdSense!

John B. said...

Re: post titles . . .
Every once in a while, I aspire to achieve an 18th-century vibe in this 21st-century medium.