Thursday, July 21, 2005

In which the Meridian hopes to send some readers to some deserving blogs

Since I added the (sotto voce: rather garish) Link2Blogs tower in the lower-right corner of my blog, I've been visiting a few of the blogs that have popped up. As with many things in the ol' blogosphere, let's just say that many of the ones I've visited haven't been worth the initial mouse-click. (Yes, I grant you the extraordinarily-high improbability that some of those whom Link2Blogs has sent my way might think the same about good ol' Blog Meridian, but what, after all, do they know, hmm?) A fairly high number of them are 404s, and one hadn't been updated since January of last year. But some of them have been pleasant surprises, and the very nice host of the most excellent blog, Sine qua non, saw fit to link to my recent post on Iraq. And I also have some of those other blogs to thank for some of the geegaws I've recently added. So, on the whole, the Meridian has been satisfied with his visits to and from the Links2Blogs listings.
It was a visit to Chesney Wold today that occasions this post. Artegall, Chesney Wold's writer, lives in London and blogs about politics, the media, cricket, prog rock, Tennyson, and the occasional drinking bout, but/and does it all with an engaging mix of English snarkiness (some self-inflicted) and quite thoughtful sincerity. Good stuff. As an aside, I like English snarkiness because it feels rather relaxed, easy; you can barely feel the knife slip between the ribs. American snarkiness is off-putting to me in its hyperbole and tendency toward histrionics: a broadsword rather than a stiletto.
Anyway. It was while reading Artegall's review of Tom Hodgkinson's book How to Be Idle that I thought, Hey. Artegall and my friend Raminagrobis (another Londoner, if I'm not mistaken), should get to know each other--or, at least, their ideas should. After all, Grobie had, a while back, now, written a rather lengthy post on leisure as well, and so I thought, since Grobie blogs about as often as hens with teeth are born, maybe a little further nudge into the blogosphere might encourage him to blog with more regularity.
So: Grobie (and readers), consider y'allselves nudged. Happy reading.

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Raminagrobis said...

Thanks for the pointer, John. I liked that review a lot, but I must confess that not only have I already read the book in question (around last Christmas), I also shamelessly appropriated many of the ideas contained therein and passed them off as my own in writing that little blog entry. Should I have disclosed that information from the off?


Raminagrobis said...

Also, let me just disabuse you of one thing: I am not, nor have I ever been, knowingly or otherwise, a Londoner. I hail from East Anglia, like Boudicca and Oliver Cromwell. ;)