Sunday, August 21, 2005

Another hello . . .

. . . this one to all the folks who have been visiting from Blog Advance, the newest of the click-a-blog-get-some-credits sites. I'm a member of a couple of others, but I've had far more traffic from the Blog Advance members in the two days I've been with them than with those other sites combined. I've even solicited and received some constructive commentary on my site from a couple of members. I hope that the B.A. members, their hunger for credits sated when they visit and hang around for 30 seconds, will find something here worthy of their time and a planned return in the future.

I must also say that I've been impressed with the overall quality of the members' blogs that I've seen; you regular readers, therefore, are encouraged to visit and join . . . that is, if you're a joiner type and you're interested in reading and being read by quality bloggers.

Thanks again, Blog Advance.

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La Sequencia said...

and i'm one of them. nice blog. cheers!

meeyotch said...

Yes yes, as am I. Welcome to the best corner of the blogosphere