Sunday, August 14, 2005

Settling in . . .

Just a quick post to let my reader(s) know that we have come close to establishing a functioning household. (For those truly obsessed with knowing our whereabouts in space, you can go here; our new place is in that beige space directly above the pin on the map, about 100 feet from the Arkansas River.) The walls are painted, only a few boxes remain to be unpacked, the surround-sound is up and functioning, and, as you might have deduced from this post's appearance, I'm back in contact with the blogosphere. The serious arranging, deepening, and enchanting stuff will resume in a day or two.
And all this just in time for the beginning of the Meridians' respective in-service weeks!
Scruffy and I have become acquainted with our little stretch of the river, so I'll soon be posting about what we see along there. In the meantime, though, I have to ask my Canadian and Danish readers to weigh in on this international crisis. Perhaps Blog Meridian can serve as a site for healing.

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