Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Waiting for news . . .

. . . from my children and their mother about how their house fared in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. They live in Mobile, fairly close to its downtown and in an area that tends to have lots of very high (as high as 3 feet on a couple of occasions) street flooding when it rains hard. They themselves, I know, are safe. But we--and they as well, I'm sure--wait in the meantime.

Mobile is about 100 miles east of where Katrina's eye came ashore, but to be on the east side (the "dirty side") of a hurricane this large, even at that distance, is not a good thing. So, as we all wait, have a look at the Mobile-area photos here, from the Mobile Register's website this morning.

UPDATE (6:42 p.m.): I just spoke to the girls and their mom; apart from no electricity, some missing shingles and a blown-down privacy fence in the back yard, all is well there.

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Tachizuno said...

That's good.. a lot of struggles going on down south. :\

Definitely in my thoughts


sutrix said...

You know, I'm almost beginning to wonder if all those old gods--fire elementals, water elementals, and so on--exist after all. And if so, the water elemental seems to be very, very angry with us for some reason.

I went through pretty much the same thing your children are going through right now, and I hope they will make the best of it.

sutrix said...

Although, I must add, my house suffered no damage.