Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bloggers and Katrina

The National Journal's Blogometer, William Beutler's mid-day summation of the morning's political blogs' fixations for the day, is absolutely amazing in both its impartiality and its breadth. It should be a must-read for those of us who want a nice survey of the day's political talk and/but fancy ourselves as not being in ironclad marriages to "one" or the "other" "side" in our red-state-or-blue-state way of thinking.

I'm linking to today's entry because it is largely devoted to what bloggers are doing with regard to fundraising for victims and survivors of hurricane Katrina. No matter your political predilections, you're sure to find a place to click, a place to donate.

Those interested in rightward or leftward finger-pointing will find links to your liking as well. But of special note are references to posts discussing the merits of rebuilding or not rebuilding New Orleans, very practical reminders of the importance of the Port of New Orleans to this country, and more general comments on just how thin, after all, the veneer of "civilization" is--even for those of us who think of ourselves as "law-abiding."

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