Thursday, September 01, 2005

In which the Meridian gives his readers a glimpse into the Mirth Factory that is the Meridian household

Here's a sample of what passes for humor here at 6 in the morning:

Mrs. M.: What class will you be teaching today?
Mr. M.: My Andover (KS) Comp I class. ::like Yoda:: Parts of speech we will review.
Mrs. M.: Will you use that as an example?
Mrs. M.: Yoda Bear!
Mr. M.: ::like Yoda:: Smarter than your average Yoda am I.

(yes: the better punchline would have been, "More bear-like than your average Yoda am I." But I'd had only one cup of coffee.)

Another note: As long-time readers note, this blog is pretty much a rant-free zone. But I must regress a teeny bit to note that spammers, knowing that tags for the hurricane are the most-sought-out ones on Technorati at the moment, are apparently seeking them out to post their lovely ads for surgical alterations of various sorts, etc. Of the 4 comments I'd received for my previous post, 3 of them were of that nature. To be sure: it's not as egregious an act as price-gouging refugees from New Orleans and the Gulf coast. But it is, nevertheless, more than a little unseemly.

What's disheartening about this is that, before now, I'd had only one spammer leave something in comments. The Meridian is determined to make his comments spam-free and will soon be taking appropriate measures.

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