Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rothko's Prison

Go and have a look at this.
By FredR via Domeheid.

Is there such a thing as Found Abstractionism?

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fearful_syzygy said...

Heh. At first I had absolutely no idea what you were on about, until I realised that those white lines were clickable.

Anyway, very nice some of those photos. My favourite so far is probably this one.

easywriter said...

It looks as though there is, doesn't it?

Nice link, thanks for passing it along.

melly said...

Hi John,
I followed you here from easywriter's blog.

I think your image url is wrong. Try this one:

instead of the url you have:

Cool pics.
Found Abstraction? Very interesting concept. Took me a moment to realize what you mean.
As long as it is deemed abstract, then I guess there is.
Oh boy, what a concept to get your head around.