Saturday, September 24, 2005

Welcome, denizens of Artegall's blog

Quite a few of you have found me because of the abovenamed Artegall, valiant advocate defender of cricket, conviviality, dumb-dog loathing, et al., who was kind enough to link to good ol' Blog Meridian at his own little Camelot of the blogosphere, Chesney Wold. Thanks. Come in this house. Set a spell. Take yer shoes off. Y'all come back now, 'hear?


Masquerade said...

Hi neighbour! (I live in the state of misery...I mean Missouri ;)

Neat blog! Hope you post more things on there looks like it has the potential for being an engaging blog that might generate some discussion about the arts.
Oh, and I believe it's Chesney WoRld :)

John B. said...

Thanks for finding my blog and for the kind comments. I hope you'll see fit to return on occasion.
As to the spelling: I checked his site again today just to make sure, and it is indeed spelled without the "r." But no reason to start a border war over it.