Friday, November 04, 2005

In which the Meridian explores an intersection between theology, basketball and mythical creatures

In a post of mine earlier today, I wrote, in reference to the esteemed blogger responsible for Bittersweet Life,

Ariel's current topic is called "And How Do You Spell 'Humility'?" Since Ariel is an avid Kansas Jayhawks' basketball fan, I suspect that he occasionally has troubles maintaining a humble heart, though I also suspect the upcoming Big XII season will help a bit with that little dilemma, at least for this year.

I'm rather new to trash-talking about basketball, but in view of the fact that more than a few people who profess to know about these things hold Texas in high regard at the start of this season, there's no better time to work on my mad smack-talking skills.

So: the above. Just a gentle elbow in the defender's ribs as I drive toward a verbal slam dunk. But Ariel responds in kind in the comments--which, recall, appear in a response to a post on HUMILITY:
Now about the Jayhawks. Apparently no one has told you yet that they are God's team? (his italics, I hasten to add)

Ariel, Ariel. I fear I must take you to school. The Jayhawks are named for a creature that does not exist. A false being. (The curious should go here (see definition #2) for a picture of what a Jayhawk might look like, if it (ever) existed). It would seem to me that God, being God, would utterly refuse to support belief in false beings--or, for that matter, in sports teams who adopt false beings as their mascots.

But, as I ponder this more . . . I fear that perhaps Ariel might make the claim that the absence of a fossil record proves the Jayhawks are a product of Intelligent Design, created ex nihilo, and "Rock, chalk, Jayhawk" a kind of prayer language that only the chanters and God can understand the full meaning of.

No wonder people laugh at this state.


Sine.Qua.Non said...

So, um.....why is it your site just makes me smile?

go spurs

R. Sherman said...

Surely pride (For A.J.) goeth before the fall. At least that's what I (MIZZOU '82, '84, '87) keep telling myself.


Ariel said...

Oh boy. I feel torn here, really. Torn between applauding your entrance into the world of smack, Meridian...and dishing some out myself.

This is hard.

Guess I'll take the middle road.

1) The Jayhawk is a superlative beast. Like a dragon or griffin, but with mad hoops skills. No creature with ordinary attributes would do.
2) Texas will be an elite team this year...and make a very sexy pick going into the season. For this, I applaud you. (I only wish I could give MU similar recognition.)
3) Discerning where God's allegiance lies in regard to college hoops is a very delicate matter; I can only say that my seminary education has been of great help here.

Let the season begin!

Mrs. Meridian said...

Honey, I thought I taught you better than this. You love KU, remember? It's the evil K-State Wildcats that you hate. Remember? I guess age is doing something to your brain.

Ariel said...

Ouch! Counteracted by the woman. Really, what more can be said?