Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Be vewy, vewy quiet--the Mewidian is gwading papers

But in the meantime he feels compelled to take a break and ask this question: what does one say to a student who claims in an essay, in all apparent seriousness, that as a child he wanted to be like Elmer Fudd?

As you were. I'll be back in a few days.


fearful_syzygy said...

Might I inquire what the topic of this essay was?

John B. said...

The assignment was to write a persuasive paper; the student decided to write a paper in support of gun control. One of his arguments was that TV and other media images often seem to celebrate guns and their use, and he said that when he was young he wanted to be like Elmer Fudd, who owned a gun and was constantly shooting people in the head. My student seemed not to notice, though, that Mr. Fudd's experiences with guns are such that they would cause a highly-impressionable child to want to stay as far away from guns as possible.

But never mind all that. Let's just say that this essay was not among the more effective ones I have received from my students.

KoldKadavr said...

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R. Sherman said...

If I can remember that far back to when I graded papers, I didn't say anything. I just set myself on fire. Ah, pleasures of freshman English!


Clublint said...

Kill the wabbit.

That's what you say.


PS: You made me type "blsfbgmz"