Sunday, January 01, 2006

In which the Meridian notes with pleasure that the new year has begun quietly but auspiciously . . .

. . . with the brewing of two pretty darned good pots of coffee: yesterday's being Eight O'Clock Coffee's Ground 100% Colombian (which I'd not used before, hence some initial apprehension); this morning's being some Williams-Sonoma Trattoria Blend Coffee, the beans of which were roasted over an oakwood fire. La-di-da. But very good, nonetheless.

So maybe I should overlook a certain melancholy I'm feeling just now.

To be sure, I appear to be in good company as regards that feeling (Hat tip: Belgravia Dispatch). And melancholy is not a bad thing. But is it odd to feel melancholic about the FUTURE? Or are those future things I find myself feeling melancholic about--my mother's aging, my older daughter's entrance into puberty, Mrs. Meridian's applying to law schools and the very real possibility that we will have to live apart at least for that first year--really just disguised reflections on the past?

Well, no matter: being human, we should, we have no choice but to, seek out and embrace change; stasis produces nothing, no learning, no growing. And so it is that this melancholy I feel isn't something to fear but to listen to.

The very happiest of new years to you all.

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R. Sherman said...

I find myself in a similar position this time of year. It seems each new year/birthday bring a realization that certain dreams or aspirations will remain unfulfilled and thus, must be jettisoned, i.e. hiking the Pacific Crest trail. To be sure, new ones take their place, but tend for me to be more pedestrian. You are right. The challenge is to seek the dreams and goals which are attainable and continue to pursue them with figure.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

P.S. Speaking as one who has practiced law for 19 years, I say this to Mrs. Meridian: The moment you graduate, forget everything they teach in law school. Good Luck!