Sunday, February 26, 2006

Two years ago tomorrow

Tomorrow marks 2 years of existence for Blog Meridian. In Aristotelian terms, it has become whatever the blog equivalent of "fully human" would be. Some might argue that such a statement begs the question of whether Aristotle was right about such things. At any rate, the terminally curious among you can go here to see how the Meridian was conceived (it's PG-rated, so most of the children can read over your shoulder); if you want to see how we kicked out the jams around here last year at this time, you're invited to go here. What a party THAT was! We spent the next few days looking for survivors.

What's interesting about reading that first post is that, apart from my not having written about Wal-Mart in quite some time, the Meridian's contents remain now as they started out then. Something else that has remained true is that I have always had loyal readers who are intelligent: back in its early incarnation on Livejournal, Kari of Delights for the Ingenious, Amy of Living in Books, and Raminagrobis of When Her Name You Write, You Blot visited and commented from the beginning . . . and stuck around, which was really important for me, seeing as, back then, I was finding very few blogs of the sort that I was interested in keeping.

What has been especially rewarding, especially over the past half year or so, is that I have found more and more of those kinds of blogs, many of which I have linked to, and some of whom have graciously linked to mine--and those links, of course, draw readers here, who sometimes leave comments that lead me to their sites . . . it's the happiest sort of vicious cycle. And it's one that I very much look forward to doing my part to perpetuate, with my readers' help.

Thanks again for reading.


fearful_syzygy said...

Happy blog-day, John!

Many happy returns.

mannequinhands said...

John! Our blog-days are only a day apart! The Hands turned 3 yesterday.

Let's have cake!

René López Villamar said...

happy blog-day to you! Happy blog-day dear John, Happy blog-day to you!

John B. said...

Thanks to all of you for the good wishes.

Mr. Syzygy, I thought memory served, but I checked your archives just to be sure, and I was right: "Delights" has a birthday coming up, too. February and March, when young people's fancies turn to thoughts of blogging?

Ms. Hands, thanks to you as well. I'll drop by your place to congratulate you properly. German chocolate or Italian creme okay with you?

Rene, thank you as well.

I am indeed blessed to have met all of you via the 'nets. It wouldn't have happened without the goold old HoL forum and this thing.

R. Sherman said...

Congrats. It's amazing whom one meets in the blogosphere. We're all better for it, I think.


poco said...

Mr. John B,
Thank you for committing to blogging two years ago. I have only started two months ago. You have been an inspiration to me. Recently, I have started reading many more interesting blogs, mostly because I found them via yours. Yours is still my favorite-- it seems to strike the right balance between intellectualism and the everyday stuff of life. Before I met your blog and your "blog friends" I thought the whole blog phenom was a silly exercise in self absorption. You have taught me that there are exceptions, and that bloggers can be interesting.
Happiest Blog Day ever.

Raminagrobis said...

I refer the honorable gentleman back to the birthday greeting I proffered this time last year.

Ariel said...

Happy Birthday! Do you ever have the feeling the blog is taking on a life of its own? Do you ever find yourself speaking about the blog in third person, or (worse still!) speaking to the blog directly?

These are symptoms, I am told, of the blog-aging process. At any rate, congrats. May there be many more years to come.

John B. said...

Ariel asks,
Do you ever have the feeling the blog is taking on a life of its own?

Funny you should ask this. This morning while getting ready for school I was mentally drafting a couple of posts, and even had hopes of posting one of them before leaving, when the power went out. What instantly came to mind was a post that would be a rewriting of Maslowe's hierarchy of needs for blogs--the most essential of the physiological needs being, of course, elcetricity.

So far, though (in answer to your other questions), it's still "my" blog as opposed to "the" blog--if that tells you anything.

fearful_syzygy said...

Oh yeah? That appears to be a recent development. I refer you to the title of its first post. ;)

dejavaboom said...

Blast you jb! There I was, settling in to grade papers, and somehow I strayed to your blog again. Now an hour has passed, and I've still got the bug to keep scrolling through two years worth of engaging stuff. (Your contributors are engaging, too, as you mention!) I now have this blog bookmarked on all my computers, and confess it's addictive and good fun. Keep tickling the keyboard.

John B. said...

Mr. Syzygy,
I guess that my (only) defense for that title is that I was parodying the opening sentence of Blood Meridian would be inadequate?

Thank you for the kind words. Back to work now, and I shall do the same.