Thursday, March 02, 2006

Roots Project

Over at his fine political blog, Thoughts from Kansas, Josh is urging Kansas residents and, indeed, anyone in the blogosphere with some sort of Kansas connection to write letters to editors of the state's newspapers to express their opinions, whatever they may be, regarding the NSA domestic surveillance program so that our state's senators, Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback, will know what their constituents' thinking is and (we hope) vote accordingly. For further details, you can go here, where Josh has provided links to just about any place you can imagine for voicing your concerns, questions, support, opposition, etc. Of course, those of you who are so inclined can post something as well, providing readers with links to articles and sites that you've found informative or persuasive.

The idea behind the Roots Project as regards this issue is simple: our representatives were not given the chance to approve this program, or not; thus, not just Congress but the entire nation had no opportunity to participate in the discussion (seeing as there was none). But now there will be--as, frankly, there should have been in the first place. And my state's senators happen to have differing viewpoints on this matter (Roberts approves, Brownback does not). Thus, what Kansans have to say matters.

I hope you'll participate.

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poco said...

This post got me motivated to research the NSA's program. It is curious how little discussion there has been on this topic in the houses of congress. In fact, much of Bush's directives go largely unchallenged. I found a bunch of scary stuff today about all this wiretapping nonsense. It's funny because my first recollections of reading headlines as a child were about Nixon's impeachment. Now would be a good time to re-read "All the President's Men."