Tuesday, May 30, 2006

For the Carnival-curious . . .

. . . you can find the latest Kansas Guild of Bloggers' weekly carnival here, courtesy of emaw_kc at his blog, 3 O'Clock in the Morning. All of these are pretty good; none of you, though--especially any of you with children--should miss Melissa's early-rounds-of-American-Idol-like search for a babysitter.

As I've said before, you don't need to live in, have been born in, or write about Kansas to submit something. You should also know that these people have selected themselves: emaw doesn't separate wheat from chaff, which is why the posts I send in keep appearing. As you can see, there's no theme (though a few of the posts happen to be about travelling): you just choose something you're pleased with and send it in (look for the "Submit" links over in the right gutter).

This particular Guild is the closest I or most of us will come to being Masons, and easier besides.

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1 comment:

emawkc said...

Well, to reach ther higher orders of the KGB, you'll have to go though some secret ceremonies. I can't really say anything (they being secret ceremonies and all) other than that you'll need to bring a monkey and some rubber pants.

Bloody Masons...