Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Are you this way because you read this blog? Or do you read this blog because you are this way?

(You may or may not consider this something of a companion piece to an earlier post of mine.)

I'm asking the question posed in the title because I just read this post by the estimable R. Sherman of Musings from the Hinterland, and I thought, Surely my readers are just as naughty or otherwise "interesting" as Musings's are. And I'm bored.

But you know what? I may be bored, but at least my condition is reparable. You guys are boring

. . . at least, those of you who have found good old Blog Meridian via the blogosphere's various search engines.

In the five months I've been using GoStats as the cumulative stats-gatherer for this site, about 600 people have been referred here via search engines. Only one--ONE!!--search could be considered even remotely naughty: this one. I do have to admit, though, that it is thanks to this search that I have learned that Meridian is the name of a porn star--and now, having learned a new thing, I can go home after I finish this post.

The vast majority of search-engine users who have found this blog have found it for perfectly logical reasons, if not legitimate ones.1 I think that's a good thing. Putting aside for the moment whether what I have to say about the subjects I write on is "any good," I take seriously what I say about them, and so I like to think, delusional person that I am, that those who visit--and those who return, even more so--find themselves predisposed toward seriousmindedness.

So, yeah: You're boring. But so am I, most of the time.

You're my kind of people.
1Some search phrases, such as "analysis of__________" and "papers on __________," have the tone of approaching paper deadlines and desperate writers. I don't mind sharing what I think I know about things, but it goes without saying that if an instructor finds uncredited quotes or echoes of this blog's contents in the submitted work of others, you have my wholehearted blessing to do the very worst to that student that your conscience and your institution's policies permit you.

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1 comment:

R. Sherman said...

I've been meaning to answer the question posed in your prior post. Blogging is sort of a return to the good old days where people wrote letters to each other. Goethe and Schiller used to correspond daily in Weimar, sometimes multiple times as they only lived a few blocks apart.

As for the search string you cite, now you know a possible alternative career if the English professor thing doesn't work out.