Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In which the Meridian goes to YouTube to learn about string theory

My long-time readers know me. (aside: and yet they keep returning here anyway) I guess the cat thing wasn't helping me understand Mr. Schrödinger, so he goes here, where they use a cute puppy, and he suddenly gets it. Dogs being demonstrably dumber than cats, and my being (mostly) the product of the dumbed-down American public education system--and an English major in college besides--I confess to, on the one hand, wanting to know more about How Things Work but, on the other, having to rely on, um, popularizers of said Things. You know: like how people are finding out about Jesus from reading The DaVinci Code.

And now comes more help for me--and you good people as well, seeing as I've gone to the trouble to get an account to do so, so you'd best be appreciative--via YouTube

and this Steve Colbert interview of Brian Greene (he of The Elegant Universe). Who worse to interview who better?

Actually, it IS pretty informative in its own way; even more importantly, the issue of just what a "theory" is in the sciences gets raised, something I've been thinking about in another context.


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Sine.Qua.Non said...

That was fabulous! Thanks for putting that up.