Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Go and visit this website, Tolerate Mornings, which to all appearances seems to have The Folger Company's blessing. Do NOT miss clicking on the TV in the lower-right corner of the page; what you will see there is, after all, pretty much the whole reason I'm sending you there.

Then ponder the extent to which it is inevitable that bad products will lead to, if not bad commercials, then commercials that leave the viewer absolutely dumbfounded.

(Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan)


Joel said...

Nah man. That's not a bad commercial. That's beautiful. I could watch it for hours.

Then again, I've been watching Hasselhoff videos and Connie Chung singing lately, so my sense of taste might be altering...

poco said...

That was fantastically bad...so bad it was good.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...the link didn't work. Perhaps they took it off.


John B. said...

It appears you are right, alas.