Friday, June 09, 2006

Meet the Press in Hell, and other fun stuff for your brain

Go. Read. Laugh. And ponder just how close to actual political discourse this is: the rhetorical equivalent of napalm. (Hat-tip: Crooked Timber)

While you're at it, I encourage you to go and visit Steph's relatively new blog, Rubrics Twist. Steph has a strong philosophical bent, but apparently has "a past," as they say: in an early post, she says she had recently been wondering if she has any illegitimate children.

Also worthy of your attention: this post by Fearful Syzygy on Pirandello's theme of the intersection(s) between fiction and reality and the perils of self-knowledge; and Raminagrobis reports on a seminar by Slavoj Žižek he attended in which the subject was "Hegel and Deleuze via Lacanian ethics" . . . and good old Vertigo.


Steph McCarty said...

Thanks for the mention! Very kind of you. I'm laughing right now about your comment about my past. I thought the statement to which you are referring was so outlandishly ridiculous that I just HAD to post it. Have a good weekend. I'll be checking in regularly!

Winston said...

Thanks for the references - I've already been, enjoyed, and bookmarked 2 of them.