Monday, July 24, 2006

Kansas Guild of Bloggers' Weekly Carnival

Running a wee bit late with this week's edition; as I know the air would taste less sweet for some of you if not for the Carnival, I should best get on with things.

Submissions were a bit sparse this week; I hope that something you read here will inspire you to submit something for next week's Carnival.

Over at Evolution, jd meta-blogs on the recent Pew Survey on bloggers and blogging.

At Three O'Clock in the Morning, emawkc shares an e-mail exchange between his wife and a family friend discussing some of the fauna of Overland Park in A puma by any other name. Y'all left out "catamount," by the way. Be sure to note as well the Truman Show-like shift in attention at the end.

Lyn submits two very different recent posts from Bloggin' Outloud. The first, Fight Club Discussion - Put 'em up!, provides links to and excerpts from a series of posts inspired by a review of the film Fight Club. What's intriguing is that these posts head in very different directions; even better, they're well written (leaving out of that assessment the one by Yours Truly that Lyn links to).

Lyn's other post is a short but nice review of theologian Henri Nouwen's book Return of the Prodigal.

And finally, over at Thoughts from Kansas, Josh Rosenau, inspired by an e-mail from the Discovery Institute, meditates on what science education can/cannot/must do in DI spews silliness.

That's it for this week. I look forward to receiving more submissions for next week's carnival.

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j.d. said...

Meta-blogging: the last refuge of the scoundrel.

John B. said...

Any port in a storm, j.d.

Lyn said...

Thanks again for hosting a great roundup. Little by little this thing is growing. Sorta what I envisioned from the beginning, but just didn't have the time to keep hosting! So glad you and Three O'clock have kept it going...I'll host a few in a few weeks as soon as this Blogs of Summer contest simmers down. lol. lgp

Paul Decelles said...

Oops meant to submit but have been too busy...well blogging. Stuff to come... and I do want to host at some point.