Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The KGB Carnival is blowin' into town!

Yes indeed. And what's more, the Manager sez it'll be setting up right here at good old Blog Meridian this Monday.

I have posted before about the Kansas Guild of Bloggers' weekly carnival, and this blog has benefitted greatly from participating in it via new visitors here who have turned into regular readers. I feel honored to begin returning those favors to the Carnival by hosting it.

Again, here are the oh-most-stringent requirements for participation: You MUST be a blogger who lives in Kansas, once lived in Kansas, is a native of Kansas, entertains the occasional thought (happy or derogatory) about Kansas, and/or knows the words to either "Over the Rainbow" or "Dust in the Wind" (extra credit if you can pick John Brown out of a line-up). Your post MUST be about some aspect about life in the Sunflower State. Or not.

Once you've determined that both you and your post meet or exceed these rigorous requirements, go here to submit your post. Then return here Monday afternoonish to see links to your post and those of your fellow Carnival-goers up in pixels here on the Blog Meridian midway. As you can see from the picture (click on the pic for a larger image), we're an, um, diverse bunch, but there's always room for more fellow travellers on this particular ride.

I hope you'll submit something and return here Monday. And if you'd like to host the Carnival sometime, let me know, and we'll get you set up.

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Lyn said...

Excited about you hosting next week's carnival... We Wichitans have to stick together! lol, Lyn

lestat said...

Great serie! With an extraordinary cast and history. I hope that the story go on anyway. (Sorry for my bad english)