Friday, July 07, 2006

Off for the weekend

I will be learning how to work with concrete this morning and on Saturday.

Mrs. Meridian's father is replacing a driveway and some steps at his house in Topeka, and I'll be helping him and his youngest son do the pouring and spreading (he's renting a truck to do the mixing).

Perhaps I am strange, looking forward as I do to stuff like this: Helping my father-in-law cut and stack about 8 cords of wood last fall and winter. And now this. But this sort of work reconnects me, however indirectly, with my father and my childhood growing up in the woods next to my father's parents' farm west of Austin. Of late, that has felt important.

All this is to say that I'll be away from "here" for the weekend. Thanks as always for reading.


Winston said...

After you absorb those new skills you can teach us how to build a concrete blog...

Sounds like fun, actually. Unless the weather is still up in the 90s with humididity to match. I've watched the pros do it, and always wanted to be the finisher dude with the broom and get to make those swirly patterns.

Ro said...


it always feels good to help out parents and in-laws as it is the kind of work that does reconnect us some how.

I thought I would reciprocate, since you visited my blog and commented. Talk about a great blog! Will add you to my feeds as I know I will be returning.

Thanks for visiting!