Monday, July 10, 2006

Welcome to this week's KGB Carnival of Bloggers

Update: Edited to fix a few problems with links. We're new at this Carnival stuff; thanks for your patience.

Updated update: Apparently, we're having trouble with gender identification. Damn this screen's resolution. Sorry about that, Lyn.

Running a wee bit late with this week's posting, but we're here now, and thanks for dropping by.

I hope you'll be amazed and enlightened by this week's submissions, coming to y'all all the way from, well, Kansas:

Over at Gone Mild, Dan makes a brief but compelling case for his favorite living American writer with It's Summer - Read Helprin.

Josh of Thoughts from Kansas over the past few months (years?) has written many compelling posts documenting the debates in this state over the struggles between advocates of evolutionary theory and Intelligent Design and the caught-in-the-middle science standards for Kansas public schools. This week he submits two posts on this issue, Replace the Creationists on the Board of Ed! and Creationists are such buzz kills (this latter post specifically addressing the creationists who recently spoke at the Haviland Meteorite Festival

Over at Three O'Clock in the Morning, emawkc reminds his readers of the delights and horrors of country living in Good, bad, ugly.

At Becoming and Staying Debt Free Kevin (the Prince of Thrift) Surbaugh helpfully reminds his readers to Plan To Curb Out of Control Spending.

It's primary season here, and over at Bloggin' Outloud, king of Kansas bloggers (and fellow Wichitan) Lyn presents his reasons for supporting Eric Carter for Insurance Commissioner in the Republican primary in his post, Short Pause for State Politics.

And finally, our resident entomologist Paul Decelles shares pictures (he's just bought a new camera; what's a boy to do with new toys, after all?) of winged exoskeletoned1 visitors to his garden in his post Sometimes I don't even leave the yard. posted at his blog, The force that through....

That's it for this week. I hope you'll submit something for next week's Carnival . . . and let me know if you'd like the pleasure of hosting it some time in the future. Otherwise, the Carnival will be extending its engagement here.

1Oops . . . moths don't have exoskeletons. And I'm college-educated and everything.

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Lyn said...

Great job! Thanks for the link (even though it was last minute).

Lyn said...

Oh, you shouldn't have changed it...I want to use it for smiles and giggles later. lol, appreciate the comment at FBO - one reason I go by Lyn is for a little anonymity (sp?), so that's why I'm never concered about the she/he thing. :-) Have a great week, lgp

Paul Decelles said...

Double oops! Moths DO have were right the first time!