Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fantasy concert #1

It'll (probably) never happen, but:

Jerry Lee Lewis (sorry about the pyrotechnics and movie stuff) and

Ben Folds Five.


Joel said...

I remember watching that "In Session" episode when it aired -- yeah, I didn't have anything to do on Saturday nights in the late 90s -- and deciding that I was, then and forevermore, a Ben Folds fan.

Ariel said...

Having never seen Jerry Lee Lewis live, I can't speak with absolute authority, but it's hard to believe he'd have anything on Ben Folds in concert.

John B. said...

Welcome back, mountain people.

The Killer has slowed down some but can still pound the heck out of his piano. Alas, that video doesn't show that well, but it DOES show that he can still sing with gusto.

Back when he was in his prime, he wouldn't let anyone put on a better show than him. There's a legend that on one of those package concerts he was angry because he wasn't allowed to be the closing act--that Chuck Berry guy wanted to close that night--and in retaliation Lewis set fire to the piano after his performance.

So anyway: I think that Lewis could give Mr. Folds a run for his money. It's be fun to watch, at any rate.