Thursday, August 17, 2006

First-week report card

Mrs. M., via telephone this afternoon: "I think I like law school."

She's gone from answering a question wrong on her first day to, today, having her prof compliment her in class on providing a "very subtle" answer to a question he posed that, she told me, she was pretty much making up as she was going along. Yesterday, while waiting on the street for a fellow student to come out of a bank, she found herself wondering hypothetically, "If he robbed this bank and then came out and told me to get in his car, but I didn't know he had robbed the bank, would I be an accomplice?"

It's early, I know, but it sounds like she'll be fine.

Speaking of cars, I'll be driving in mine tomorrow up to Topeka for a weekend visit, so I want to remind you to submit your favorite post(s) for this Monday's installment of the KGB Blog Carnival. We of course want to hear from Kansas bloggers, but you outliers are welcome to submit as well. The only requirement is that you send us your best work. If you don't mind. Easy, huh?

Happy weekend, all.

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R. Sherman said...

Ah, the most important lesson of law school. Ninety percent of the practice of law is pulling things out of your rear end.

Drive safe.


meg said...

I totally biffed my quiz today. You spoke too soon.

Aunty Marianne said...

"very subtle", eh? I've had teachers like that too. I look at them with narrowed eyes.