Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In which the Meridian announces that he's just become a published author (sort of)

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I've recently joined Blogcritics.org, which describes itself thusly in its masthead:

A sinister cabal of superior bloggers on music, books, film, popular culture, technology, and politics.
My kind of place.

I am impressed by the level of writing and thoughtfulness of commentary I've seen there . . . which of course begs the question of why they let the likes of me join them. See, for example, this review of Junebug, which I also posted on a while back. Good, good stuff, in my opinion--Pacze Moj's post, not mine.

I'd also say this regarding Blogcritics: that certain of you who visit here would also find a place there for your work, I think. You can't just sign up and start sending stuff in; they make you jump through a few hoops. But the result appears to be posts of good quality, so one can't argue with that--especially if one wants to have one's work seen in good company so as to make one's work look better by association. Whether you think of yourself as a critic or are just in search of good criticism on the Web, I encourage all of you to go have a look around.

Anyway, my first post for them has just been published. A word of warning to my long-time reader(s): it's an edited version of that post on shots of cushions in Vertigo (they wanted something within 24 hours of my joining, and so, yeah, I sorta recycled something. But they SAID it was okay to do that! Okay??). So: if you want to put yourself through the slog of reading that yet again, you can find it here.

All this is a very long-winded way of thanking you (or, for that matter, giving you the opportunity to kick yourselves) for your encouragement in the past. Without that, I wouldn't have risked posting my work elsewhere.

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Andrew Simone said...

Congrats. I am glad you are branching out into the blogging world.

Incidentally, recycling is what a writer does. Not that I have published but on an academic level, if I had never recycled I would be a dead man.

What is scarey is when parts of blog posts find there way into papers.

Aunty Marianne said...

I'd join, but I'm too busy anonymously reviewing restaurants. Free lunches? It works for me.

*belches in as ladylike a fashion as possible*

Winston said...

We are honored to be in the shadow of your presence, sire. As you ascend to the pinnacle of Blogdom, we pray thee, oh exalted one, remember us, the little people upon whose backs you trod to arrive at heavens gate.

Camille said...

hey John, congrats! Couldn't have happened to a better man. :)
I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog, and I was curious why you were interested in Rear Window. I did a search on your blog, and apparently, you haven't mentioned it before. I'd love to hear your take on it.

John B. said...

Funny you should ask . . . I just recently watched Rear Window and have been working on a post about it. It should appear in a day or two.

Sine.Qua.Non said...

You are a fabulous and wonderfully descriptive writer. A love a good read and I find it here every time. Congrats.