Monday, August 28, 2006

Now this is a Carnival!

My fellow members of the Kansas Guild of Bloggers (and a returning guest) have really come through for this week's Carnival. Fuller participation not only benefits the participants themselves via increased traffic; it also encourages wallflower types to participate, increasing not just the number but also the variety (and quality) of posts we get for subsequent installments.

One small observation: we've not received contributions from women for a few weeks now. Ladies, let's not let the Carnival become a men's club by default. No pictures of you stilt-walking while wearing a halter top (with or without a Hula-Hoop) are required as a prerequisite, you'll probably be relieved to know, that not generally being a Kansas Thing (and something which, in any case, the men didn't have to do, either, rest assurred).

Enough yammering--the show has started, as you can see.

Paul of The force that through... presents his take on all the harrumphing over a place none of us will ever, EVER visit in A Little Distraction.

emawkc of Three O'Clock in the Morning offers a review of the documentary about Enron, The smartest guys in the room.

Two posts now about books. Joel Mathis of Cup o' Joel quotes Nick Hornby as saying reading, period, is more valuable in the end than what one reads, then sits back and watches the sparks fly in the Comments section in A good book? Or a book that's good for you?. Poor Proust, is all I have to say about that.

Meanwhile, returning outlier Winston Rand of nobody asked...BUT... answered my recent call to participate in a book meme with a tongue-in-cheek reply at Ten Books....

Aside: It was gratifying for this English prof to see the copious and lively commentary each of those posts received.

Kevin, known at DebtFree4Ever as The Prince of Thrift, submitted a post last week that I just flat didn't receive, for some reason. Apologies to him. In that post, You Are Already a Millionaire, Kevin preaches the virtues of not living on credit to Have It All Now. His contribution for this week, A Practical Way to Become Debt-Free, offers a simple way to eliminate debt to one's creditors.

Finally, Josh Rosenau of Thoughts from Kansas (note the new URL) presents What's that in the river?, which reports on the recent finding of a mastadon jawbone and skull fragments along the Kaw (a.k.a. Kansas) River and meditates on the virtues of keeping one's eyes open. A very nice concluding paragraph, by the way.

That's all for this week. I hope what you see here encourages you to submit a post for next week's installment. And even if it doesn't, I hope you'll drop by next Monday anyway.

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Joel said...

Well done, John.

Your books meme has proven invaluable to me, btw, as I'd hit a bit of a slump over the summer ... what with getting married, and all. You know how it is. Thinking about how I'd engaged books, though, reminded me that I want to be a reader -- and I plunged right back in.

I might even try Proust one of these days, if you can offer a beginner a recommendation.

John B. said...

The best place to start is at the beginning: Swann's Way.