Wednesday, August 30, 2006

They've probably already been by, peeked in the windows, figured no one was home, then gone on their way . . .

. . . but on the off chance they might come by again, I'd like to say hello and welcome to my fall semester students. If you have time, look around. I have a list of favorite posts of mine over in the right gutter that serve as a decent introduction to what Blog Meridian's agenda, such as it is, is.

My regular visitors might like to know that I put this blog's URL on the syllabi I pass out. I've done this for a year now, and so far only two of my students have openly admitted having visited here. Well. We all have our lurkers, is what I tell myself. But the real reason I let my students know about this blog is not to increase my readership but to provide them with a place to find out more about me, if they are so inclined. I also figure that this place has the potential to humanize me in their eyes.

I know that a few teachers visit here. I'd be interested in hearing from you in the comments section if you let your students know that you have a blog, and why or why not.

Best wishes to my visitors involved in academe (as students or as faculty) for a stimulating and productive semester.


dejavaboom said...

Indeed I do give my URL out in the syllabus. I do so for all the same reasons you stated, and I find blogging (actually all manner of journaling) to be so valuable, I hope to inspire some students to give it a go. (I require a healthy-sized journal; I allow them to use blog entries to satisfy part of the assignment, too.) I've had mixed results. In my online class, I urge blogs as alternatives to written journals. It seems to work very well for some.

As always, I find your blog an inspiration. In fact, I think it's what started ME blogging in a more public venue than some sputterings elsewhere.

Winston said...

There be not a braver man alive than thou, JohnB. Inviting your students and fellow teachers into your blog is tantamount to intentionally booking a flight on a plane with ... snakes...???

John B. said...

Thanks for stopping by, colleague. I'm offering the keeping of a journal as a way of earning extra credit, and keeping a blog is one of those options. In last night's class, it appears that about half of them are keeping some sort of journal, so we'll see.
Thanks also for finding inspiration here. Every time I post something, I'm right there with Elvis when he once said to an interviewer, "I hope I'm not boring you." Except, you know, Elvis was at least interesting just standing around. I can't say the same about me, most of the time.

I have to admit to some initial trepidation regarding letting students know of my blog. But as I thought about it, I realized that a) this blog is a public space already; and b) aside from my occasional posts on politics and religion (which, let's face it, aren't exactly incendiary in their content) most students, I think, would find this place is actually, well, a bit boring. I'd hope not, of course; but, as I note above, I'm not Elvis. I'm a big enough person to admit that. Oh: and c) I rarely write about my school's administration or my colleagues--and then only in complimentary terms . . . because this isn't a work blog, first of all, and I happen to like and respect the people I work with.
So anyway: I figured, what the heck. I've truly looked under the seats and in the overhead compartments, and I don't see any snakes on this plane.

Andrew Simone said...

That is intriguing John, although none of my profs, I think, could ever get away with it (with one exception): there are too many luddites in the Presbytary.