Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday succotash

Just some links to some things you might find interesting . . .

To-Do List, a blog of, um, to-do lists that people have sent in that is something like a specialty-store version of Found. (Hat-tip: good old 3 Quarks Daily)

Scott Eric Kaufman of the most excellent academic blog Acephalous narrates a recent day . . . in units of seventeen syllables. (Hat-tip: Nancy at Sinequanon's Journal)

A curious article from the Telegraph on Britain's Pop Idol as a sort of proof of Platonism (I think). (Hat-tip: Crooked Timber)

Go read Sunshine State, and be amazed that the writing and occasional pics you see there are the product of a young woman still in high school.

Another blog that deserves much wider readership than it appears to have is The New York Minute. Jim Sligh is from somewhere in the Northeast but is presently in our nation's capital doing something--what it is, he doesn't quite reveal, but it appears to require wearing a suit and wandering about Senate office buildings. Some of the most thoughtful, elegantly-written reportage you're likely to run across, on- or off-line. Nothing Jim writes isn't worthy of your time, but this post that appeared on July 4th is a good example of what he can do.

Over at Musings from the Hinterland, Randall Sherman links to Yours Truly's posts on my recent jury duty experiences and adds some thoughts on same from his lawyer's perspective. Something else Mr. Sherman is especially effective at is affectionately and humorously documenting moments in his children's lives. In this recent post, for example, he indirectly announces that the Official Daughter is now of age to operate a motor vehicle in the State of Missouri with something like the same degree of trepidation (though different in kind, admittedly) that I feel regarding my older daughter's approaching puberty.

Raminagrobis of When Her Name You Write You Blot has two excellent posts on the 17th century English writer Thomas Browne. Browne was a favorite of Jorge Luis Borges, if you need a further reason to be interested, but I think that after you read this and this, you'll need no further reasons.

Over at Bittersweet Life, A.J. recently posted about and links to his theology teacher's blog post on narrative theology, yet another response to the deathless question of How to Read (and talk about) the Bible. Meanwhile, my seeing a "Christian Lifestyle" store on my recent trip to Topeka reminded me of A.J.'s recent post on that very subject. To which I'd just add: the more one removes oneself from the world, the less effective one's witness to the world becomes.

Erin of Mannequin Hands has an intriguing post up on feminism and the place of women in the life of the (Catholic) church. She personally doesn't feel oppressed as a Catholic woman, and she tells you why.

And finally, as the 5th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, newly-married (congratulations and best wishes) Joel Mathis of Cup o' Joel reports on his impressions of New York today, where he and his wife honeymooned.

There is, as always, much more that I could link to; you people that I read regularly have the infuriatingly good habit of writing consistently well and finding and commenting on intriguing stuff, making it hard to choose what to share with others. But that is a nice problem to have.

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