Monday, August 14, 2006

"You're setting up the KGB carnival here again?"

Why, yes I am, and happy to be doing it. So pull on over, get out and stretch, and wander about this week's exhibitions.

Over at The Smartest Monkey, Meg (perhaps better known 'round these parts as Mrs. Meridian) reports on her impressions of the book Planet Law School by Atticus Falcon in her post, Space Cadet.

Tennessean Winston Rand (welcome, sir) celebrates the comedy of his guru George Carlin BrainFarts from Carlin, posted at his fine blog nobody asked....

Over at Three O'Clock in the Morning, emawkc relates his dinner with a veteran of D-Day and all-around class act in Dinner with a celebrity.

Patsy Terrell describes the pleasures of Meeting Readers of her blog at her blog, Patsy's Ponderings by Patsy Terrell.

And finally, Josh of Thoughts from Kansas makes the important argument that school choice ("voucherization") is one thing but the content taught in those schools quite another in his post, One of these things. . . , or the post-modernist right.

Update: We have a straggler, folks, but a post well worth the wait: Some of you may know that Lyn of Bloggin' out loud is engaged in a debate (a very civil one, I might add) with another blogger regarding the issue of same-sex marriage. Here's Lyn's latest installment in a dialog on gay marriage: Same Gender Unions, a Biblical Perspective. Lyn has also linked to the relevant posts by the other blogger, so you shouldn't have trouble following the debate.

Thanks to all who submitted posts for this week's Carnival. As you post this week, be sure to keep the Carnival in your thoughts.

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Lyn said...

Dang I missed it...hey if I send you a link, will you give me some linklove? lol. Here's the latest installment in a dialog on gay marriage - Same Gender Unions, a Biblical Perspective.
Thanks! lgp

Lyn said...

Thanks! - Sincerely, Straggler :-)

Paul Decelles said...

Well I missed it as well. But I had a good excuse since I was dealing with your question of last week about if we ever go on vacation etc...

Well the answer is yes: