Thursday, September 21, 2006

Actin' funny, but I don't know why . . .

When the whiteboard in the classroom I teach in needs cleaning, a hazy purple residue from the markers I use forms on it.

It's for this reason that yesterday I decided to name it Jimi Hendrix.

Please don't ask me to explain this, lest I be even more embarrassed than I already am for posting it in the first place. Just reread the first sentence carefully.

And speaking of acting funny: this ad on Amazon (via Crooked Timber) offers conclusive evidence that the good people who market Adderol (a drug for treating ADHD symptoms) would benefit from the creation of an Irony-Check Division. For that matter, so also would the good people who came up with the name Adderol, a word so closely and unpleasantly resembling "addled" that it's amazing it got approved.

Ah, well. Those who CAN name things, do. Those who, apparently, cannot, blog about it.

I'm still "around," by the way--just busy doing teacher things. I'll be back "here" more regularly in a few days.


meg said...

Hahaha! Maybe we should get your whiteboard a ukulele.

Paul Decelles said...

Gee we have the same problem with our whiteboards. The facilities people gave us this special cleaning solution to use, but while it cleans the boards it does nothing to prevent the problem again.

Personally I think the facilities people have been in a bit much purple haze them selves.

Sine.Qua.Non said...

If you don't get the Jimi Hendrix corollary...

John....I love it! I really do.

Amy said...

I think that particular drug is actually called Adderall. A lot of my clients take it, and from now on I will probably think of it as "addle-all" thanks to you :D

I was just thinking about how new drugs get their names the other day--I was prescribed a short-term use medication called Abilify that was developed for use as an antipsychotic, but now is being used to control manic episodes in patients with Bi-Polar Disorder. Considering what it does, I thought that the name was appropriate, if not down right catchy.

Hope you're having a good day,

Amy (living_in_books)