Monday, September 18, 2006

If it's Monday . . .

. . . it must be time for the Kansas Guild of Bloggers' weekly Carnival of Blogs.

We have two posts responding to Ken Miller's recent talk at the University of Kansas in which he tries to articulate a view of evolution that can also accommodate theists of various stripes who feel that Darwinism is in effect a denial of God's existence. (Non-Kansans may not be aware that for the better part of a decade a debate has raged over whether the Kansas State Board of Education will/should adopt policies that permit the teaching of Intelligent Design and other creationist explanations alongside evolutionary theory in high school science classes.) At The force that through..., Paul Decelles presents Getting it on in the Universe:Firestorm over Miller's talk, and Josh Rosenau posts Miller's Crucible posted at Thoughts from Kansas.

Meanwhile, over at evolution j.d. posts on the no-less-contentious subject of the dramatization of recent, painful history in thoughts on abc's 9/11 program.

Finally, a programming note regarding the Carnival: As mentioned a while back, the above-mentioned Josh of Thoughts from Kansas will be hosting next Monday's Carnival, and I extended an invitation to others to consider hosting as well. Well: since then the also-above-mentioned Paul of The force that through . . . has graciously volunteered to host the Carnival for the Monday after that (October 2), after which it will return to good old Blog Meridian on Monday, October 9. And so on. So now we have a three-blog rotation in place for the Carnival, which is good to see.

Be sure to look for the carnival every Monday, and in the meantime, . . . well, you know.

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