Wednesday, September 27, 2006


EDIT: Now linked properly to the post referred to below.

The term used for this post's title is, I believe, an invention of Andrew Sullivan's; if not his, his blog is nevertheless the place where I first learned of it. At any rate, Sullivan provides an example of what he means by it by way of a reader's e-mail.

Along these lines--at least, I think it is--the following message is currently on the marquee of a Christian (the denomination) church I drive past on the way to school: "Your obedience is better than your sacrifice."

I'll have more to say about this sign's apparent message later, but for now I'll just say that if the word were "faithfulness" instead of "obedience," I wouldn't at all be bothering about this. In the meantime, commenters are welcome and encouraged to get the ball rolling.


Winston said...

Here in the middle of the Buckle of the Bible Belt, I see it everyday. And it scares me worse than any external threat we've seen in my lifetime. My own mother-in-law thinks I am the devil incarnate because of my attitude toward Bush. She would probably turn me in as a dissenter if Bush's boys came around asking.

The slippage in W's poll popularity has not carried through on an individual basis. Those that are true believers are 100% believers. I believe this country's only hope for short-term survival and long-term prosperity is some manner of containment and damage control by the Legislative and Judicial branches of government until we can elect a non-Bush President, Republican or Democrat, 2 years from now. That is a very tall order...

John B. said...


I'll be expanding on that a bit in my upcoming post.