Monday, September 04, 2006

It's KGB Carnival time again

We're running late today with this week's carnival, partly because of my late return from Topeka, but mostly because of the bumper crop of submissions this week. Thanks to all who submitted, in particular to two out-of-state contributors.

Let's get on with things, shall we?

John Mason Right-Minded Thinking finds good news for Kansans in a recent report on median family incomes in U.S. Median Family Incomes.

Joel Mathis of Cup o' Joel presents Cup o' Joel: List time, in which he posted his favorite songs of all time in selected genres and inveites his readers to join in. Of his post, Joel says, "I could enter a blog that shows off my fancy-schmancy writing abilities, but people seem to have more fun with this..."

Tennessean Winston Rand of nobody asked... returns again with The Last Tree?, a not-so-fanciful fiction set in the Nashville ex-urbs in the not-so-distant future.

Our other out-of-stater, Poco, is a Californian and a woman (who apparently heard my clarion call in last week's installment for contributions from women). Her blog is My Simple Life and Times, and she shares with us a reminiscence of her first visit to Kansas City.

Speaking of Kansas City, emawkc celebrates the resumption of college football season and, in particular, Kansas State's dominance of the K-State-KU rivalry with YouTube Tuesday: Magic Moments posted at his blog, Three O'Clock in the Morning.

Next, fellow Wildcat booster j.d.(!) of evolution presents the reasonable expectation, a rebuttal of an article by David Warren critical of the two Fox journalists who converted to Islam as a condition to saving their lives.

And finally Josh Rosenau of Thoughts from Kansas, in his contribution, "A unique treasure", notes the donation of a 10,000-acre easement around the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in the Flint Hills, and why continuing efforts to obtain more acreage and preserve its appearance should matter to us.

Thanks again to all who contributed for making this Carnival such a strong one. I hope to see all of you here again next Monday.

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1 comment:

poco said...

Thanks for having us!

BTW, I explored Last.FM after noticing your new widget. I also had the problem that the widget was too wide and it messed up the alignment on the sidebar. You can make your header a bit wider-- I changed mine to 930 pixels wide, and make the sidebar a bit wider (about 400 pixels?) and then everything fits again.

Last. FM is pretty neat. I like the way it interacts with my iTunes.