Thursday, September 07, 2006

A reminder and a promo

Apologies to my reader(s) for the light blogging here; I've just not found much that has seemed blog-worthy to me prior to today. Also, seeing as Scruffy and I will be heading up to Topeka this evening, my next post may be yet a few days more in coming.

So, then, this early reminder to submit a post for this coming Monday's Kansas Guild of Bloggers' weekly carnival. I and, I'm sure, those who have contributed posts recently have been gratified by both the number and quality of submissions to the last two Carnivals, so I hope that that particular trend will continue to trend upward.

And now the promo: Lately I've been listening to and thinking about the music of this guy. So, in the next few days be sure to drop by to see what sort of foolishness I can gin up about what I'm hearing. HE is not foolish, I'm pretty sure; writing about his work, though, may very well prove to be so.

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Joel said...

Yeah. Sufjan kicks booty.

Sorry. I could come up with something better, as far as aesthetic critiques go, but sometimes you've just got to get to the bottom line.

John B. said...

Yeah. But he kicks it delicately.

That's basically the argument for my upcoming post, the way my thinking about it is going.

And you have a point about the bottom line: the more I think about what Mr. Stevens is up to, the more expansive the territory becomes. It may need to be a multi-parter.